The classes and lessons offered by the music school encourage the development of the pupil into a well-rounded musician through a varied programme. Between the ages of 5 and 9 years, most children are ready to learn to play an instrument in an individual lesson.


ages 0-3

The emphasis at this stage is on parent-child interaction and having fun with music. The overall aim is to encourage the child to feel the pulse of the music using puppets and basic percussion instruments.



ages 3-5

Children will now begin to differentiate between the pulse of the music and the rhythm. They will also be introduced to musical stick notation. They will start to use hand signs from the pentatonic scale (do, re, mi, so and la) to show pitch.


junior musicianship

ages 5-9

At some point during this stage, depending on the child’s progress, we recommend a one to one instrumental or vocal lesson in addition to the class. Please contact the office to discuss this with your child's teacher.

At this stage, children will be experimenting with more complex rhythms, using musical stick notation. They will continue to use hand signs to show pitch. In addition to this, they will play more complex games involving walking to the pulse, clapping different rhythms and singing all at once or in different combinations.


pre grade 1 & grades 1/2/3/4/5 theory

ages 7-15

These classes teach the essential musical theory knowledge required for learning to play an instrument and enables the child to become a well-rounded musician. The concepts and theory are taught in a fun way using games and percussion.

These classes are available based on current understanding, rather than age necessarily. Enquire at reception to find the best-suited group for your child. One-to-one theory tuition is also available.